Terms And Conditions

The customer must agree with these 6 conditions when placing an order:

1. Ordering is at the customer’s own risk. We do ship internationally (to many countries in the World) but we cannot keep track of every single law (+ interpretation) on every single one of our products in every single country. The customer agrees to be responsible to respect the laws of his/her own country. Therefore the purchaser promises in every situation not to put any legal action/claim towards our website, our company and any people working for our company.

2. Kittykhole guarantees that all orders that have been paid for will be send out, packed in a decent and discrete way. However, Kittykhole will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by the use, ordering or delivery of our articles to or by you. Unfortunately customs or postal regulations outside USA could interfere and could cause your shipment to be delayed for several days or not to arrive at all. We do have high shipping success rates though.

3. Customers promise they will not resell our products in a commercial way (legal or non-legal). The purpose of the goodies should only be for personal enlighten, and to share among friends (= added since March 2020). Unless you’re a business with a legal tax-number and commercial ID. If there’s any reason to believe the source of the customer’s payment/fund came from fraudulent origin, or the destination of our products will be different than described above, this will lead to a denial of service from our side plus a refund.

4. Kittykhole does not sell to minors or to big babies. Those who order must be at least 21 years of age and be able and willing to read and follow our instructions carefully. By placing an order, the customer declares to be an adult. If we have a reason to believe this condition is not met, we may have to ask for a copy of identification.

5. We will ship after payment has been received. We ship out 4 times a week.

6. The customer promises to read the product information on our website (and elsewhere on the web) before ordering and before using or consuming the goods. Kittykhole sees informing visitors about it’s products as one of it’s main goals but is not responsible in any way for accidents or damages caused to person(s) or goods, by any product to the purchaser of our products. There could be potential risks, besides benefits, in taking Ketamine. In case of doubt, please abstain.
Although a growing amount of people (also in the academic world) believes Ketamine can bring benefits for someone’s life when used wisely, this is not an accepted view in mainstream healthcare as yet. Hence, as long as our products are still controversial, Kittykhole does not make any ‘official’ medical claims.

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